When I started in genealogy I had no idea that Harmon was such popular name or that it had so many diverse spellings. Harmon and Harman are the most common variations. The name originally derived from Germany as Herrmann. I am fortunate that I can say my Harmon line is one of the furthest I have. I do not have many photos now, but I am hoping to meet some people who would like to contribute theirs. It seems that there is some controversy going on about the father of Abraham. Some say it is indeed Mattias and Elizabeth, other's say his father was Jacob. I do not have the answer. I acquired this information from my uncle, Carl Harmon, who acquired a lot of his information from Dr. Roger Harmon, who was trying to put a book of our family together. He has passed away, and I am not sure who has the information now.

If you are a descendant of Isaac Harmon (born 1810) please contact me!
There is a photo of him and it is missing!

 **indicates I have a photo(s)

1. Johann Michael Herrmann  b: Germany
 + Kundejuns Regis  b: Germany
 2. John Harman
  3.Christian/Christopher Harman
   4. Mattias Harmon b:1736  d: 3-2-1812
   + Elizabeth Freely  b: abt 1735  d:
     5. John Harmon
     5. Isaac Harmon
     5. Jacob Harmon
     5. Joseph Harmon
     5. Soloman Harmon
     5. Mary Ann Harmon
     5. Mattias Harmon
     5. Simon Harmon
     5. Benjamin Harmon
     5. Margaret Harmon
     5. Sarah Harmon
     5. Elizabeth Harmon
     5. Abraham Harmon b: abt 1778 in Shenendoah Co., VA  d: 3-31-1837
     + Katherine Kendall b: 1763  d: 8-1843
     6. Isaac Harmon  b: 12-17-1810 in Harrison Co., IN  d: 4-8-1911 in Harrison Co., IN
   + Lavina Adams  b: 7-31-1813  d:9-27-1872
     7. William F. Harmon b: 6-15-1832  d:1-10-1912
     +Cleopatra Miller b: 1-14-1848  d: 5-1-1904
**8. Clarence W. Harmon b:11-2-1875  d: 5-1-1955
           + Rose Ellen Burgess  b: 7-4-1855  d:1-24-1954
        **9. Harold Harmon
           9. Paul Harmon
       **9.Charles Harmon b: 7-28-1908
       **9. Forest Harmom d: at a young age
      ** 9. Royal T. Harmon
     **9.Loyd Harmon  b: 7-1-1905 in Kokomo, IN d: 3-27-1985
     **  + Mable Catherine Keithley  b: 8-1-1909  d: 9-27-1998
     **10. Launa Jean Harmon  b: 6-20-1942  d: 1-16-1988
        ** + David Martin Siltz  b: 12-17-1941  d: 11-12-1998

(Clarence Harmon and his children)

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