Most of the information for the older generations was acquired from the book by Mary Antha Castlio. Ms. Castlio gathered this information in the 1920's and made the best sense of it as she could. Although some information is missing and some names are misspelled this was a magnificent effort. I will provide a link to the web site posted by Frank Deis. He has formatted the book and posted it on the internet for all to see.
This is my direct line.

**indicates I have a photo(s)

1.Samuel Keithley Sr.
 2. Jacob Keithley Sr. b: abt 1748 in Germany m: abt 1777 in PA to Barbara Rolend  Jacob's section in Castlio book
 2. Joseph Keithley Sr. b: in Germany Joseph's section in Castlio book for other information
 2. Daniel Keithley Sr.  b: in Germany Daniel's section in Castlio book for more information
 2. Samuel Keithley Jr. b: in Germany Samuel's section in Castlio book for more information
 2.John Keithley Sr. b:1-1-1755  d: 7-28-1835  m:12-31-1781 in PA
  +Mary Ann Riblen b: abt 1761 in Holland. d: 1841 in Harrison Co., IN  John's section in Castlio book for more information
  3. Joseph Keithley b: 7-13-1799 in PA or KY d: 1-15-1841 buried in Wolfe Cem., Floyd Co., IN  m: 8-31-1819
   + Mary (Polly) Berger b: 2-15-1802 in KY d: 1-23-1892 in Floyd Co., IN
   4. James B. Keithley b: 9-26-1826  in IN  d: 10-17-1916 in IN  m: 6-13-1844
     + Ester Sloan b: 4-17-1825 in IN  d: 2-28-1899 in IN ( daughter of William Sloan)
**5. John Yenowine Keithley b: 8-8-1849 in IN d:    m: 1870
   ** + Margaret M.(Maggie) Brubeck  b: 1-1850  d:
       6. Effie Keithley  b: 10-9-1870  d: 6-1895  m.
       + Henderson McKinney
    **  7. Goldie McKinney m.** Raymond Blotz
        **8. Victor Blotz
            8. Ada Virginia
        7. Jesse James McKinney  m. Eva Kelley
          8. private
          8. private
          8. private
          8. Dale
          8. private
    **6. Altha M Keithley b:5-10-1879 d: 1970  m: Henderson McKinney
      **7. Thomas McKinney
      **7. Pansy McKinney
    **6. Francis (Fanny) Keithley b: 9-1-1876  d: 90+years of age m: Seaphus Weeden
     ** 7. Maggie Weeden + William Bumby
       **2nd husband of Fanny: Edward Daubs
        7. Edward Daubs
    **6. Pansy Easter Keithley b: 9-26-1885  d: abt 1941 m: George Maxwell
     ** 7. Bonnie Maxwell m: Harry Thurman and Earl Edwards
     ** 7. Viola Maxwell  m: Cyrus Worrall
**6. James David Keithley b: 10-17-1875 in IN  d:2-21-1966 in Floyd Co., IN  m: 3-4-1900 in Floyd Co., IN
   ** + Mary Jane (Mollie)Edwards b:6-1877 in IN  d:12-10-1942 in Floyd Co., IN
          7.  John Keithley b: 1901  d: 1901 age: 3 or 4 months
    **  7. Margaret Keithley b:5-31-1902  d:  m:            to **Lynn Kirkham
             8. private
     **7. Urban Martin Keithley b: 3-5-1911 d:11-8-1990 m:      to Juanita Longest
     **7. Freda Beatrice Keithley  b: 2-14-1907 d: spring of 1999  m: Albert Scott
             8. (private)
             8. (private)
             8. (private)
             8. (private)
     **7. James Athel(Jim) Keithley b:12-27-1904 d: 9-1987   m:     to Ola Mae Scott
      **7. Lenne L. Keithley  b: private  m:      to Margaret (Maggie) Kist
             8. Gary (private)
               9. Teresa
               9. Beth
               9.  (private)
               9.  (private)
             8. Lenne (private)
             8. Irban (private
      **7. Honos Wagner(Hans) Keithley  b: 6-29-1914 in IN  d: in France WWII  m: to Jane
     7. Zola Mae Keithley b: 1923  d: 1923 age: 3 days
      **7. Mable Crestline Keithley  b: 8-1-1909 in IN  d: 9-27-1998 in Floyd Co., IN  m: 6-12-1930 (A dedication to MaMaw)
        **+ Loyd Harmon b: 7-1-1905 in Kokomo, IN d: 3-27-1985 in Floyd Co., IN

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