L to R
Redman Mayfield, Charles Lewis Mayfield, Charles Lewis Mayfield II, and Harry Mayfield
Standing L to R
Lydia Caroline Fossee-Mayfield and Lillian Esther Mayfield at age 7. 
In Carriage
Nancy Pearl Wilson and Thomas Franklin Mayfield on their wedding day.
Front L to R
William Hauser, Helen Everbach, Wilma Tabler-Shaerer, Charity Gresham-Bedan, and Alta Tabler-Hauser
Back L to R
Pat Murphy, Minnie Mayfield-Murphy, Anna Daily-Lungredorn, Alice Mayfield-Payton, and Lou Mayfield-Gresham.
Photo taken in 1929
Front L to R
Harlen Mayfield, Thomas Franklin Mayfield(seated), Nancy Pearl Wilson-Mayfield(seated), and James Paul Mayfield.
Back L to R
Lawrence Mayfield, Lucille Crawford-Mayfield, ChesterMayfield (behind Lillian), Lillian Wolfe-Mayfield, ClarenceMayfield, and Odessa Stephens (behind J. Paul)
 Lawrence Monroe Mayfield

Lawrence is the son of Thomas Franklin Mayfield and Nancy Pearl Wilson.

Daniel Mayfield's Family

Daniel Alonzo Mayfield, his wife Belle, and their daughter, Ina
He is the son of Levi Mayfield and Lydia Caroline Fossee.

Daniel Alonzo Mayfield

Daniel Alonzo Mayfield is the son of Levi Mayfield and LydiaCaroline Fossee. He was shot to death in a baffle with bandits who had tried to rob the Lanesville Bank. His goal in life was to become sheriff, but his life was cut short just after he announced his candidacy.

Charles Lewis Mayfield

Charles is the son of Levi Mayfield and Lydia Caroline Fossee. 

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