The next 3 pages are filled with photographs of the descendants of Levi Isaac MAYFIELD and Mary Ann "Polly" Rooksberry.

Sarah Jane Sally Mayfield-Edwards


Sarah was born in 1847 to Sutherland MAYFIELD(son of Levi) and Amanda Jane HUNTER in Floyd Co., IN.
She married William Henry EDWARDS on July 2, 1865 in Floyd Co., IN
Her death is not known and she is not buried with her husband in Crawford Co., IN.
(J.A. Wilson photographer)
This photo was given to me by Doris Edwards-Carnes, Sarah's granddaughter. Although the resemblence to the above photo is striking, I believe the one above is of Sarah's mother, Amanda Jane HUNTER-EDWARDS.


 This photograph was not marked so I am not positive that they are Mayfields, but something tells me my intuition is correct. The lady on the right looks like a young Sarah Jane MAYFIELD. I also see a strong family resemblance to Sarah's daughter, Mary Jane EDWARDS.  If the other two ladies are her sisters they could be Francis, Harriet, or Emma. This is one of the oldest photographs I own.
(Wilson & Son Photographers)

Martha Ellen Mayfield
Martha Ellen MAYFIELD

Martha was born on October 10, 1854 to Sutherland MAYFIELD (son of Levi) and Amanda Jane HUNTER in Floyd Co., IN.
She married Eugene SULLIVAN on April 19, 1872 in Floyd Co., IN.
She died on September 8, 1900 in Floyd Co., IN and is buried in Tunnel Hill Cemetery, Edwardsville, IN.

Mary Mayfield and Adam Stoker

Mary is the daughter of Sutherland MAYFIELD (son of Levi) and Amanda Jane HUNTER.
She married Adam STOKER on April 12, 1866 in Floyd Co., IN.
(J.A. Wilson photographer)

William Henry Mayfield's descendants
William Henry MAYFIELD and Family

Back row, left to right
Phillip, Lottie, Blanche, Dora or Bessie
Middle row
William Henry, Julia, Armendt, Blanche(Murray's wife)
Front row
Victor (in William's lap), Gladys, Clella, Baby Lydia and Lamar(Three children on right are Murray's).
William Henry is the son of John Thomas MAYFIELD (son of Levi)

Armendt Mayfield and Katie Ridgeway
Armendt and Katie (Ridgeway) MAYFIELD

I now understand why there was a problem with cousins marrying each other. :-)
Armendt was quite a handsome man.
He is the son of William Henry MAYFIELD

Benjamin Franklin Mayfield
Benjamin Franklin MAYFIELD

Benjamin is the son of John Thomas MAYFIELD (son of Levi)

Harriet Clark Mayfield
Harriet (Clark) MAYFIELD

Harriet is Benjamin's wife.

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