This is the line that started it all. I've always held a fascination with castles. My grandma told me that we were associated with Castle Girnigoe-Sinclair in Wick, Scotland. I wanted to find the link to the Sinclair family. It took me 7 months to find her. It was her and her husband, William, that were the ancestors that were determined to remain hidden. I had been told he was a John Deal, which of course produced nothing in my searching. Then a wonderful gentleman offered to try to find the marriage certificates of the children. Then it finally made sense!. Thanks Larry!

** indicates I have a photo(s)

1. George Sinclair
  + Rachel Sharp
  2. Horatio Sinclair  b: 1818 in IN
   + Karten  b: 1820  in IN
 **3. Sarah Marinda Sinclair  b: Jan 1850 in Greene Co., IN
  ** + William Deal
   3. George Sinclair b: 1844 in Greene Co., IN
   3. Mary A. Sinclair  b: 1847 in Greene Co., IN

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