shotmaker's workout

The idea is to shoot each shot until I make it 5 times in a row, then reverse the cut and shoot that way until I make it 5 times in a row. Sometimes I can breeze through pretty easily, sometimes it takes a long time, and sometimes I end up skipping the hardest shots.

pool workout shot one

Shot number one is the same as Bert's shot number 1. The object ball is one ball's width from the rail. I just try to cut it down the rail into the left corner. The trick is to shoot at the center of the pocket opening.

pool workout shot two

Shot number 2 is a spot shot into the left hand corner. This was also taken from Bert's workout. This requires almost a half-ball hit.

pool workout shot three

Another Bert creation, shot number 3 is a slight cut into the right hand corner. I usually hit this pretty firm and try to bring the cue ball three rails back to where it started.

pool workout shot four

Shot number 4 comes up a lot when I miss my shape. I try to cut the ball into the left corner wthout scratching in either the side or the far corner.

pool workout shot five

In shot number 5 the object ball is not quite frozen to the rail. I use a center ball hit to send it into the corner and bring the cue ball straight back up the table and back down.

pool workout shot six

Shot number 6 is a bank shot into the corner that, hit firmly on my table, goes with a dead-on hit with no english.

pool workout shot seven

Shot number 7 is the one I usually have problems with. The object ball needs to be cut into the left side pocket. I'm constantly overcutting this shot.

pool workout shot eight

In shot number 8 the cue ball is frozen to the cushion. I use a straight follow stroke to pocket the ball.

pool workout shot nine

In shot number 9 I try to shoot the object ball into the right hand corner without scratching. I use a little outside english and punch it.

pool workout shot ten

Shot number 10 is a soft bank cross-side. The object ball is about 2/3 ball's width from the cushion. I use high outside english and try to spin the ball cross-side.

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