posted by dave on Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 9:39 PM in category problems

Eventually I'll post my old writings and get caught up. But for now, today.

It's freaking cold. Al Gore can blow me.

My check-engine light came on when I left for lunch. I connected my OBDII thingy and connected to it with my phone.

P0456 is the code.

Some kind of small evaporative emission leak. I googled it, and it might be a gas cap, or it might be some loose or worn hose, or it might be something more serious.

So I'm going to the mechanic tomorrow to get it checked. Meanwhile, I have a theory.

I think that some rain blew into the area near my gas cap, and then it got stupidly cold outside, which froze and expanded the water, which pulled on my gas cap and caused this small leak.

I hope that's all it is, because that will be a really easy/cheap fix.

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