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Not supposed to be funny. Part of a longer entry.

I sometimes get jealous looks from other guys when I'm with DooRagGirl and HatGirl.

I hate nights like that.

I was really pissed when I made this one.

This chick creeped me out a little. If I'm ever murdered in my sleep, I bet it's her that does it.

I hated these guys.

Ooooooh, lookie! An action scene!

From a similar joke that my dad said once about his moustache.

This one was a lot funnier in my head. Nobody got that I was supposed to have pleasured myself after the first two panels.

This comic, and the one before it, were part of a larger entry that kind of fell on its face. I should have just kept it comics-only. The text was redundant.

I wish "keenest" was still a common word.

This was kind of insensitive of me.

Didn't quite happen that quickly.

This didn't happen. Even I am not this mean.

One of my favorites.

I really miss MixedSignalGirl sometimes.

I was dumbfounded.

Only a single-panel comic. Nothing else is needed.

Again, not funny.

My very first comic. Not funny, just observant.