This is just something I've been messing with lately. The idea is that I can email these little snippets to my site, and then you people can read them. These will, in theory, be stupid things that aren't worth a real blog entry.

I think I'll procrastinate later this week. Or maybe next week. It's hard to tell; I'm pretty busy. Eventually I'll get around to procrastinating, though.
One button, done or undone. Either way speaks volumes.
People keep griping about the heat, Meanwhile, I have finally stopped shivering.
The difference between a beer connoisseur, or however you spell it, and a beer snob is this: A beer snob will make fun of you for drinking swill, even if you claim to like it. I am a beer snob.
Came home from work to find no power in my neighborhood. So I've had to park my car in my driveway instead of my garage. Now I know how the cavemen felt.
I just got my hairs cut. The dude asked me if I wanted him to trim my eyebrows. Of course I declined, because I'm straight, but now I'll probably be all self-conscious about these things for the rest of the day.
Today, I am not going to fight it. I am surrendering to it. Just for today, though.
The thing is, I am not going to be fooled again. Not even for a second. This makes me a little sad.
Okay, NOW I remember.
Al Gore and his global warming can suck my dick.
I didn't forget this one, either.
Note to self: upgrade Santa's Little Helper from good to yummy.
I seem to have slept on my neck last night. Now I can't turn it to the right. So that's awesome. I hope no assassin comes at me from the right side, or I'm doomed.
Lakefront Holiday Spice
(draft) Cloudy brown. No detectable head. Spicy aroma. Creamy mouthfeel. Spicy and malty flavor. Pretty good.
My cats have no sense of humor whatsoever.
I didn't forget.
Stone Vertical Epic 12.12.12
(bottle) Almost black, with a thin brown head. Aroma of apples and I think caramel. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor like the aroma, with a bit of gasoline weirdness at the finish. Weird, but good.
Pants on fire
Whoever it was who told me that Cumberland Brewery was out of business was a big fat liar.
New Albanian Naughty Claus 2013
(draft) Clear light reddish brown. Minimal beige head. Aroma of spices and pumpkin. Creamy mouthfeel flavor quite spicy, flavorful not hot, with a very smooth finish. Quite good.
Sometimes my dreams lie so convincingly that I spend the entire next day disappointed by reality.
One of the disconcerting things about getting old is discovering hideous bruises that have appeared for no reason.
I wrote a blog entry, then emailed RockGirl to tell her I'd actually written a blog entry, then my keyboard died.
I can tell I'm sleeping too much because my cats roll their eyes when I go to bed. At 7:00.
Rogue Beard Beer
(draft) Cloudy brownish-orange. Small white head. Vague clean aroma of various fruit peels. Creamy mouthfeel. Very mild flavor of something. Decent.

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