my pool equipment


From top to bottom:

  • Cuetec cue used for breaking. I've never used a better break cue, but vanity prevents me from carrying this thing out in public.
  • Schön STL-13, 20oz. Delivers a good solid hit. Traded for new Artemis cushions, new Simonis cloth, and other considerations.
  • Schön SL-7, 20oz. Still my most trustworthy cue, except that lately I've been playing better with the Predator below it..
  • Predator 99-6, 20oz. A softer hit, works well on those days where I'm spinning balls in. For whatever reason in Fall 2003 I suddenly started playing very well with this cue. My banks were not as reliable but my other games saw a lot more shots go in than they did with the Schön.
  • Schön STL-4, 20oz. My new break cue. This cue was ordered as part of a matched set along with the STL-13 above. It turns out that it matches the SL-6 much better.

For the Schon I use either of a matched pair of Predator 314 shafts. For my Predator I prefer a different 314 shaft that's a little more narrow and has a longer ferrule. For the break cues I use shafts by the respective cuemakers. All shooting cues have Moori medium-hard tips. The Schon break cue has a Schon water buffalo tip, and the CueTec still has a LePro tip on it.

My Instroke Artisan 3+5 case.

(Not Pictured)
2 Bunjee Jumper jump cues.
2 Silver Fox BR-2 cases.
Aramith Super Pro Balls (red triangle cue ball) used for normal play.
Aramith Premium Balls (logo cue ball) used occasionally.
Aramith Premier balls (red circle cue ball).
Brunswick Centennials (blue circle cue ball) used for special occasions.
Generic balls (red dot cue ball) used for relatives.
Aramith 2.25" Snooker Balls.
Stout Sneaky Pete sawed off and used for jumping and close quarters shots.


My new Diamond Professional Pro-Cut table, minutes after the installers left. I'd like to say I broke and ran this first rack of 9-Ball, but the truth is that, on the break, I knocked the cueball off the table and into some stonework, chipping the cueball.


Just a picture of how the Diamond pro-cut pockets are relative to the balls. I need to get a better stepstool so I can take a better picture.