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Joke stolen from one of the Airplane! movies.

Sometimes my powers of persuasion are mighty.

I liked her. She was my Denny's buddy for a while there.

And he's probably rich, too. Or possibly well-endowed.

The t-shirts should say "I'm with weirdo" and have an arrow pointing to the side.

Took me a second to get it. The innuendo was out of character for her.

She said she wasn't a bad influence on me. This was the only thing I could think of. It's not much.

She was cute enough that I really wished I was still that young.

It's nice to let them have their little victories every now and then.

It was only a tiny fruitfly or something like that.

I couldn't do anything right that day.

Might be funny if it didn't have a bit of truth in it.

Sometimes we have really strange conversations.

I chuckled for an hour when I heard this joke.

I should have said not to shoot the messenger.

Bursting into flames is hard to do, it seems.

I had a sore throat.

I think this one is funny.

Nothing I hadn't seen before, anyway.

The "Bill & Ted" movies are among my all-time favorites.