posted by dave on Monday, December 8, 2014 at 10:16 PM in category competition

It seems like I just got done saying that I can't write about my practice sessions at stupid Jack's. But it was almost a month ago, so maybe you people forgot.

One of the guys I play is, by the standards of that place, pretty fucking good. I think he's the second best player in there. He probably thinks that I'm the second best player in there. He's wrong if he thinks that, but he's entitled to his opinion, and it's pretty close anyway.

We usually play one-pocket, breaker gives up 11-7. Most of the time, like maybe 80% of the time, that means that the non-breaker wins. It's a tough spot against an almost equal opponent.

I truly believe that, over that last several months, I have a slight winning percentage. Like maybe 55-45. Not much, but enough to be proud of against a good opponent.

Tonight, in one of the games, I managed to make a ball on the break, and then run 10 more balls to win the game. That's the best I've ever done off the break in competition, and that's the reason I'm bothering to write this entry.

So there.

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