posted by nugget on Tuesday, May 9, 2006 at 12:49 AM in category the human

Well I've decided that I'm going to write something here.

Buddy says that we're not supposed to write here any more because the human is a poopie-head that won't let us go outside and eat birds, but I think that Buddy is the poopie-head.

Plus, the birds are kinda scary so I'm glad I'm in the house where I'm safe from them.

Tonight the human was messing around with his flashy thing. I think it's called a camera, but I'm not sure. The human kept pointing it at me and then this bright light would go off and I'd see these blobby thing floating around. I tried to chase the blobby things but I never could catch one.

Then the human gave me a catnip toy and I got a little bit stoned.

stoned cat

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you need to give your cat magic mushrooms mate and give way more weed

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