posted by buddy on Friday, March 18, 2005 at 3:07 PM in category the human

The human is playing dumb.

He's pretending that there aren't birds outside, and not only that, he's pretending that he doesn't understanding me when I yell:

Hey human! There are birds outside! Either let me out or go catch some birds and bring them to me! Do it now! If you don't I will poop on your floor! You have been warned!

I mean, how much more clear could I be?

The human never hesitates to tell Nugget when the outside cats or that ugly-assed opossum is outside. I guess he might do that because Nugget is stupid.

Well I'm not stupid, but even I can't figure out how to get outside to eat some birds. I need the human's help, and he pretends that he doesn't understand. What a jerk.

Oh, I would really like a yummy bird right about now.

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