posted by happy on Monday, March 21, 2005 at 8:44 PM in category the human

Today the human slept all day long.

Before you say anything, I know that all I do is sleep all day. But the human usually doesn't - he only sleeps at night and sometimes for a little while in the evening.

But today, he slept all day long. On the couch. And my food bowl was almost empty.

I tried several times to wake him up. I tried smelling his eyes. I tried jumping up and down on his tummy. I tried licking his nose. I even tried swatting him in the face with my tail.

Nothing worked. He just kept sleeping.

Heck, even Nugget and Buddy got into the act. Buddy would meow and Nugget would whine, but all the human would do is maybe just turn over and sleep some more.

Eventually, Buddy had the brilliant idea of knocking the lampshade onto the human's head. That woke him up real quick! And the good thing was that it was Buddy that got yelled at!

Once it got almost dark again the human finally got up and poured some food in the bowl, so I went and ate some food before it was all gone.

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