Tuesday, November 11, 2008
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Got a call from the veterinarian this morning.

The call was a strange one. Not that the situation could ever be considered normal. Not by me, anyway. The vet probably makes calls like that a lot.

She got the results from Happy's blood tests. Not good. His kidneys were almost completely failed. He'd lost almost eight pounds since he was last weighed in September. And most of that weight loss was muscle mass. He was not diabetic, and his condition wasn't contagious to my other cats.

There wasn't any hope for long-term survival - that's pretty much what she told me.

Then she told me that he'd gone into cardiac arrest and died this morning when they were treating him.

Seems to me that she could have told me that in the first place.

I'm really not trying to be funny. It's just that this is going to hit me pretty hard before too long, and I wanted to write something before I lost my mind.

It would have been eleven years, on New Year's Eve. That's not nearly long enough.

Saturday, May 13, 2006
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Well I see that my fellow felines have chosen to ignore my boycott of this journal.

What a couple of pussies.

No pun intended.

The human continues his stubborn refusal to allow me to get anywhere near any yummy birds, and this morning his ineptitude showed even more.

Our food bowl was empty from approximately 1:00 AM last night until 9:45 this morning!

How we managed to stay alive, I'll never know

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
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A story I remember reading long ago and found tonight.

The Story of Ugly

Everyone in the apartment complex I lived in knew who Ugly was. Ugly was the resident tomcat. Ugly loved three things in this world: fighting, eating garbage, and shall we say, love.

The combination of these things combined with a life spent outside had their effect on Ugly. To start with, he had only one eye, and where the other should have been was a gaping hole. He was also missing his ear on the same side, his left foot appeared to have been badly broken at one time, and had healed at an unnatural angle, making him look like he was always turning the corner. His tail has long been lost, leaving only the smallest stub, which he would constantly jerk and twitch. Ugly would have been a dark gray tabby striped-type, except for the sores covering his head, neck, even his shoulders with thick, yellowing scabs.

Every time someone saw Ugly there was the same reaction. "That's one UGLY cat!!" All the children were warned not to touch him, the adults threw rocks at him, hosed him down, squirted him when he tried to come in their homes, or shut his paws in the door when he would not leave. Ugly always had the same reaction. If you turned the hose on him, he would stand there, getting soaked until you gave up and quit. If you threw things at him, he would curl his lanky body around your feet in forgiveness. Whenever he spied children, he would come running meowing frantically and bump his head against their hands, begging for their love. If you ever picked him up he would immediately begin suckling on your shirt, earrings, whatever he could find.

One day Ugly shared his love with the neighbors huskies. They did not respond kindly, and Ugly was badly mauled. From my apartment I could hear his screams, and I tried to rush to his aid. By the time I got to where he was lying, it was apparent Ugly's sad life was almost at an end. Ugly lay in a wet circle, his back legs and lower back twisted grossly out of shape, a gaping tear in the white strip of fur that ran down his front.

As I picked him up and tried to carry him home I could hear him wheezing and gasping, and could feel him struggling. I must be hurting him terribly I thought. Then I felt a familiar tugging, sucking sensation on my ear - Ugly, in so much pain, suffering and obviously dying was trying to suckle my ear. I pulled him closer to me, and he bumped the palm of my hand with his head, then he turned his one golden eye towards me, and I could hear the distinct sound of purring. Even in the greatest pain, that ugly battled-scarred cat was asking only for a little affection, perhaps some compassion.

At that moment I thought Ugly was the most beautiful, loving creature I had ever seen. Never once did he try to bite or scratch me, or even try to get away from me, or struggle in any way. Ugly just looked up at me completely trusting in me to relieve his pain.

Ugly died in my arms before I could get inside, but I sat and held him for a long time afterwards, thinking about how one scarred, deformed little stray could so alter my opinion about what it means to have true pureness of spirit, to love so totally and truly. Ugly taught me more about giving and compassion than a thousand books, lectures, or talk show specials ever could, and for that I will always be thankful. He had been scarred on the outside, but I was scarred on the inside, and it was time for me to move on and learn to love truly and deeply. To give my total to those I cared for.

Many people want to be richer, more successful, well liked, beautiful but for me, I will always try to be Ugly. ~ Author Unknown
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Today, Spook died.

She'd been falling quickly for the fast couple of weeks, not eating as much, only wanting attention. I tried once to pick her up to take her to the vet but she didn't like that one little bit, so I let her be.

This morning when I left for work Spook was laying on the sidewalk. She didn't get up and come to me like she usually did. She just looked at me and gave her pathetic meow. I figured that she would be dead by the time I got home, so I spent a few extra minutes petting her and telling her what a good kitty she was.

When I got home from work, Spook was on the deck and she raised her head to watch me pull into the garage.

I took a can of food out to the deck and poured it into her bowl. She came over and took a bite, purring loudly. She always liked to be petted while she ate, and this always made her purr.

After she took a bite of food, she fell over.

She died with her eyes open, so the last thing she saw was me. The last thing she felt was me petting her. The last sound she made was a purr. The last sound she heard was me saying

You like that food, don't you Spooky? What a good kitty!

I tried to dig a hole for her, but ended up putting her into the hole I'd discovered in my yard the other day.

It's under the Japanese Maple. She always liked it there.

I'm sure this will hit me harder at some point.

I added a small bit about her to my Cats of the Past page.

Friday, October 1, 2004
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No I'm not.

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Nugget is a dork.

Friday, August 13, 2004
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Well it looks like the human has finally fixed whatever it was that was broken, because I was able to log in again.

Luckily not much has been going on here that was worth posting about EXCEPT:

The curse I put on the outside cat seems to be working. She just keeps getting thinner and thinner. I feel a little bad for her but I had to teach her a lesson for that one time she ran into the house and ate some of MY food.

One day a few weeks ago Nugget started freaking out because he couldn't pee. I thought that was pretty cool - he wouldn't be using MY litterbox as much - but the human felt sorry for the little brat and put him in the Cage of Doom and took him to the shot lady's house. When Nugget came home he smelled like medicine and now he can pee again.

Shortly after that, maybe even the same day, the human changed our brand of food. The new stuff tastes okay I guess, but I really liked the chewy centers of the old food.

Let's see, about the only other thing that's been going on has been that Happy is going through some kind of midlife crisis or something. He's running and jumping all over the place and one time he even managed to get his fat ass up on the kitchen counter. Then he was too scared to jump back down so he had to wait for the human to come home. That was pretty funny.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004
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Lately the outside cat has been joined by the yellow cat and the mostly-black cat for its evening meals on the porch.

I like to glare at all the cats through the window. Then when I get their attention I scratch at the glass and really freak them out!

Sometimes they even stop eating, 'cause they know I'm so tough!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004
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For the last week the outside cat has been living in the house.

One night when it got real cold I guess the human felt sorry for it, and let it in.

Now it won't leave.

Nugget is even more jittery than usual and I think even the human is regretting his admittedly nice gesture.

I've decided to try to help out by asking the outside cat to leave. Not wanting to appear rude, I'm not doing anything like hissing or scratching at the outside cat. Instead I'm using a much more sophisticated method way to get my message across.

Every time I see or hear the outside cat, I simply poop on the floor. What could be simpler? My house, my floor, my poop, get out.

Unfortunately the outside cat doesn't seem to be getting the message, and I'm also running out of poop.

As a last resort, I think I'll switch to puking up hairballs. That's not as classy as pooping, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Monday, October 13, 2003
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Just wanted to let you cats know what all the ruckus in the garage was this afternoon.

As you've probably guessed, I feed Spook (that's the "outside cat" to you guys) in the garage when I get home each day. I figure you're used to that by now.

Today Spook was joined for his evening meal by "Yellow Cat" and Spook did not want the company. They got into a bit of a hissing and growling match.

While Yellow Cat won the initial battle, Spook eventually won the war by not running away at mach 5 when I stuck my head in the garage to tell them both to shut up.

Nugget, I'm sure you'll be relieved to hear that all that noise was NOT caused by a new cat-torture device I'm inventing in the garage.