Tuesday, March 12, 2013
posted by dave at 7:43 PM in category ramblings

What I want to write is that I did everything and said everything and showed everything I could, to show both how I felt and what kind of person I was.

I tried my absolute best, but I failed.

I would like it if this was the last time I wrote about this.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
posted by dave at 9:41 AM in category lasik

I just got back from another routine checkup at the lasik place.

My vision tested at 20/15 in my right (treated) eye.


They're also seeing no signs of any epitheliol in-growth. I've been put on an as-needed basis for any future visits. I'm not expecting any reason to go back, except maybe in a year or two, to have them correct my left eye for seeing up close.

Monday, March 4, 2013
posted by dave at 2:50 PM in category lasik

Man, I really suck at this blogging thing now. Or maybe I don't even suck. You have to do something to suck at it.


March 2nd was my one-year anniversary of getting lasik in my right eye. Then, of course, I had an "enhancement" in early November. That's what they call it when the first round doesn't work so they try again. An "enhancement."


One other fun thing that I totally didn't even write about was the epithelial in-growth I had. That was when a bunch of cells that were supposed to be on the outside of my eye decided to spread to underneath my flap. This was made possible because the doctor had accidentally scratched my flap when he pried it up to do the "enhancement."

The main symptom from this was a fairly severe halo effect in the upper-left part of my right eye's vision. It made Christmas trees look really pretty.

I had the in-growth taken care of in early January. That procedure was much like the last one, except that (a) there was no laser, and (b) the doctor scraped my eyeball and the inside of my flap for a long time, to clear out all the renegade cells, then I had to wear a bandage lens for a week.

Since then, my vision has been fantastic. Just a smidgen worse than I'd been able to see with my glasses before all this lasik stuff started. I'm completely happy and satisfied with the outcome and, despite the complications that I had, I'd still recommend it to anyone wanting to rid themselves of glasses.

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