posted by dave on Tuesday, July 6, 2004 at 11:59 AM in category ramblings

I've heard that most people don't dream in color. I do, and I always have as far as I can tell.

I've also heard that lucid dreams - dreams where you know you're dreaming and so you can control the action - are pretty rare. I have them all the time.

Those two things make me lucky I suppose, but all is not perfect in my dream worlds.

To tell if I'm dreaming or not I've used the trick where you find some printed words, read them, then read them again. If the words change then you're certainly dreaming. A watch can also be used if you can't find any writing.

More often, however, I just use the jump test. This is when I simply jump into the air and then try to delay my landing. If I can delay it for even a second I'm dreaming.

In my dreams I can walk through walls. This is something I had to develop. I started by passing through glass windows, then through closed doors, and now I'm at the point where no room can contain me, and no locks can prevent my access. The trick is to flash my hands at whatever barrier I'm about to collide with - I do that and I just pass right through.

I'm also working on my invisibility. This comes in quite handy when I'm skulking around looking for some cutie to molest. Some especially sensitive characters seem to sense my presence, but all they ever do is watch me pass with a quizzical look on their faces.

I can of course also fly, though that ability has the annoying habit of diminishing as I use it. It's like I have a certain amount of flight time allocated at the start of each dream, and once that quota has been used up I'm limited to just fast running, or maybe sliding around like I'm skating.

Height is also an issue. I seem to be limited to just a couple of dozen feet above the ground. Trying to go higher uses up my quota very quickly. I'd reasoned that If I could just get high enough I could then just drift back to to whatever destination I wanted. No such luck.

It's very annoying because my dreams typically start out at home - either my current one or the one from my childhood - and I can never get to where I want to go by flying. My flight time allocation just isn't long enough.

Driving isn't much of an option either. It seems that all of the cars in my dreams are limited to maybe 5 MPH at most.

Running can get me to where I want to go - and I'm a very fast and relaxed dream-runner, but then I run into the most annoying thing of all.

I wake up.

All of my dreams are too short. I'm such a light sleeper that nearly every time I get to my destination I wake up. Just for a second, but enough time to have to start all over again.

I've been trying to develop teleportation to cut down on my travel time but I haven't had much success with it yet. I'll keep trying though.

How's this for an awkward ending to this entry?

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