posted by dave on Tuesday, May 24, 2005 at 9:45 PM in category website

This morning I finally got fed up with the rapidly deteriorating performance on the server where my site was hosted.

So I called my hosting company and asked them if they had any solution for me other than my switching companies.

They offered to move my domain to another server, away from from whichever domain(s) were hogging the system resources on the current server. This is the sort of response I was hoping for. See below for the type of response I was not hoping for.

Well, that process has begun.

I've had all of my files copied over, and I've requested that the DNS entries for be changed to point to the new server.

Still waiting for the DNS changes to propogate around - it could take a few days - but for now I've been testing my relocated site using the IP address.

Everything seems to be working except the functions to send me private messages and ask me private questions. I do not, on this new server, have permissions to run the /bin/mail command as I did on the old server.

Called tech support. The guy was less than helpful. Tried to tell him that their preferred method of opening a trouble ticket (I send an e-mail) has never, does not now, and I expect never will work for me, so would he please just open the ticket himself.

The guy was still less than helpful, continuing to parrot his standard send an e-mail advice, so I told him I'd call back tomorrow when I'd be more likely to get some actual help.

So, for tonight at least, any message or questions you send me will not be immediately forwarded to me. I'll have to watch my server logs manually for them. So don't expect the rapid responses you may have become accustomed to.

(update: About a half-hour after I hung up on the less-than-helpful guy I got an e-mail from the nice girl that helped me this afternoon. She's looking into the permissions issue for me. I guess the guy I talked to at least passed word of my problem along. Even if he said something like "Hey, listen to this asshole's problem" that's still being helpful and I appreciate it.)

(update: Well it seems that my streaming movies will not work until the DNS gets propogated around. So if you got here via the error page I left on the old server the streaming movies still will not work for you. The WMV formatted movies should be fine. Once the DNS gets around everything should work correctly.)

(update: The permissions problem with the message/question forms has been fixed. Yay! The issue with the streaming movies will still take up to a few days to correct itself. Boo!)

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