posted by dave on Sunday, October 23, 2005 at 1:51 PM in category ramblings

You know what my problem is?

Ha ha. Very funny. Shut up and let me write.

My problem is that I'm always in a hurry. To start things. To end things. I hardly ever want to actually do anything, so I rush through it and move on to something else.

See, that way I can pretend that I actually accomplished something without the hassle of having to work at it.

For example, I usually sit down here at my desk with an idea of what I'm going to write about, but instead of following through with that plan, I just start typing and once I figure I've got enough words strung together I submit the thing.

See, I've typed almost a hundred words already and I haven't said a damn thing. But it's still going to count as an entry when I'm done. It'll still bring in readers. Hell, it might even get some comments.

I was going to write this brilliant entry the other day, but instead I went off on a stupid tangent. I sat down here 10 minutes ago to write another brilliant entry but once again I'm out here in la-la-land, nowhere near the vicinity of my intended subject.

Back in 2003, it took me four days to write this entry about my dad. But it didn't take so long because I was carefully choosing every word and phrase. It wasn't because I wanted everything to be just right.

Nope. It was because it was painful to write the thing. If it hadn't been for that, I'd have rushed through it just as I rush through everything else.

I want answers. I want quick fixes. I want resolution, absolution, retribution, and evolution. And I want them now now now now!

What's that you say? Sometimes the best things are worth waiting and working for? Well fuck that. I ain't got time to wait and work. I'm in a hurry here, to move on to something else.

What happened to the best things in life are free? Huh? Answer me that.

But do it quick, 'cause I don't have all day.

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