posted by dave on Thursday, August 3, 2006 at 9:08 PM in category ramblings

This is important.

If I could figure this out, if I could manage to wrap my mind around it, if I could just manage to make fucking sense of what's in my head tonight long enough to put it into words - well then I'd have really accomplished something here.

If I can pull this entry off then I'll garner some credit from my readers. I just know it. I'll be able to write crap and drivel and mundane bullshit for days, maybe even weeks before people start to wander off again.

Way to fucking pressure yourself, Dave.

Now I need a drink.

This idea is important. I don't want to waste it, the way I've wasted so many others, by just spewing words. I want to make people think for a change.

I want them to think about their own justifications and their own excuses for the things that they do. Or don't do. Whatever. I want them to think about how there is a difference between being standing your ground and being paralyzed with fear. Between giving up and moving on. Between desire and desperation, and between love and lust, and between selfishness and selflessness.

I want to make people think about themselves.

Is there a reason for things being the way they are, or is there only an excuse?

I wish I could write what's in my head tonight.

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Sure...I was at the IPT event in Vegas...wife said let's go get Efren's autograph...I chickened out and said no and we left...not because I was afraid (I think), but because I'm not interested in getting any person's autograph...but I did want to congratulate him after his match..oh well.

And you were right...most pros didn't want to talk to a non-player...I asked Mika "the Iceman" something...and he just mumbled, "he didn't know"...and quickly walked away...

Overall, had fun at the tournament's that for pondering...

Your comments are as random as they are nontopical.

I wasn't sure what the topic was...

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