posted by dave on Monday, August 7, 2006 at 12:07 AM in category ramblings

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Okay fine. I'll fucking write something relevant.

The pieces of my broken dreams lie at my feet. They've been there for longer than I care to remember. I suppose that I've become used to them, stepping around them, finding a path through them. They've become a part of this life that I live. Such as it is.

These shards do serve a purpose. There's a reason I haven't bothered to clean them up. They remind me that it's useless to yearn, that it's worthless to want, that it's naive to need, that it's dumb to dream.

That it's ludicrous to love.

If I sweep them aside then it's likely that I'll eventually forget the lessons that they represent. I am stupid, after all. I think that's been well-established. Forgetting those lessons would be bad. And these broken dreams remind me, but they also warn me.

There cannot be a second time.

So I tiptoe my way through this life. Such as it is. I watch my step. I pick my path. I go around when I have to. I get used to it. I become a nimble fucker. I should join the circus.

And then, and then she comes along and walks right through everything that I've so carefully avoided. With each passing second there's an audible crunch as another fragment is crushed into dust under her mindless stride.

My dreams, foolish as they were, broken as they are, they deserve better than this.

I deserve better than this.

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I liked this entry - It is so cool to hear a guy write w/feelings.

Thanks. I try to keep my big mouth shut, but sometimes I just have to vent a little.

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