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t h e l e t t e r A
- - Are you available?: I suppose. Physically anyway.
- - What is your age?: 8042, counting all my past lives.
- - What annoys you?: People asking my age.

t h e l e t t e r B
- - Do you know anyone named Billy? I don't think so. I know a Willie. And a Bill or two.
- - When is your birthday?: February 20
- - Who is your best friend?: I'm not sure.

t h e l e t t e r C
- - What's your favorite candy?: If candy bars count, then Peanut Butter Twix. If candy bars don't count, then why the fuck not? They're good!
- - Crush?: Maybe one. It's a weird one though.
- - When was the last time you cried?: Me strong man. Me no cry.

t h e l e t t e r D
- - Do you daydream?: Sure.
- - What's your favorite kind of dog?: The kind that don't care what my crotch smells like.
- - What day of the week is it?: Thursday

t h e l e t t e r E
- - How do you like your eggs?: In Egg-McMuffin form, whatever that's called.
- - emergency room? Once for myself. A couple of times with other people.

t h e l e t t e r F
- - Do you use fly swatters?: My sister hides my fly swatters. I end up using whatever's handy.
- - Have you ever used a foghorn?: Don't think so.

t h e l e t t e r G
- - Do you chew gum?: Every now and then. I like Juicy Fruit.
- - Do you like gummy candies?: Not so much.

t h e l e t t e r H
- - How are you? I'm just ducky. Thanks for asking.
- - What's your height? 5'8"
- - What color is your hair?: Blonde, to my great dismay.

t h e l e t t e r I
- - What's your favorite ice cream?: Vannilla Fudge Swirl. Yummy.
- - Have you ever ice skated?: Define "skated." I slid around on skates once, when I was a kid, but I wouldn't call it skating.

t h e l e t t e r J
- - What's your favorite Jelly Bean?: Whatever kind I don't have to eat.
- - Have you heard a really hilarious joke lately?: Yes, it was about your mother though, so I won't repeat it publicly.
- - Do you wear jewelry?: I'm straight, so unless you count a watch...

t h e l e t t e r K
- - Who do you want to kill?: Nobody in particular comes to mind.

t h e l e t t e r L
- - Are you laid back?: I think so, as long I let myself vent every now and then.

t h e l e t t e r M
- - What was your favorite movie when you were little?: My sister and I used to stay up late to watch the original Time Machine. It was pretty cool.

t h e l e t t e r N
- - Do you have a nickname?: I suppose that Dave is a nickname for David.
- - What's your favorite number?: Don't have one.
- - Do you prefer night or day?: Night.

t h e l e t t e r O
- - What's your one wish?: I only get one?!? Well screw you. I'll find myself a genie having a two-for-one sale, at least.
- - Are you an only child?: I have two sisters, but they're grown up. I"m the only one who's still a child.

t h e l e t t e r P
- - What are you most paranoid about?: What is your reason for asking that? Who put you up to it?
- - Piercings?: No, I'm straight.

t h e l e t t e r Q
- - Are you quick to judge people?: Sometimes. Like if they're an obvious asshole.

t h e l e t t e r R
- - Do you think you're always right?: Me strong man. Me am always right.
- - Do you watch reality TV?: Survivor and Amazing Race and American Idol.
- - Reasons to cry?: I've heard that some chicks and gay guys cry when they get their hearts broken. Or maybe if they stub their toe really bad.

t h e l e t t e r S
- - Do you prefer sun or rain? Sun. Duh.
- - Do you like snow? I wish we'd actually get some snow around here.
- - What's your favorite season?: Summer.

t h e l e t t e r T
- - What time is it?: 6:41 PM
- - What time did you wake up?: 3:04 this morning. I thought I heard my phone ring.

t h e l e t t e r U
- - Can you ride a unicycle? Never tried. I imagine that I would kill myself and any bystanders if I ever did try.

t h e l e t t e r V
- - What's the worst veggie?: Lots of them. Beets are probably the worst. I mean, what the fuck are those things?

t h e l e t t e r W
- - What's your worst habit?: Filling out long surveys for my blog.

t h e l e t t e r X
- - Have you ever had an x-ray? A few, for suspected broken bones.
- - Do you own a xylophone?: No, I'm straight.

t h e l e t t e r Y
- - Do you like the color yellow?: Couldn't think of anything better to ask for the letter Y, could you?

t h e l e t t e r Z
- - Do you believe in the zodiac?: I've seen some things that make me wonder if the personality types associated with astrological signs might be valid. The whole predicting the future thing though - I guess I think that's crap.
- - What's your sign?: Pisces.

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