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Six Years ago...
How have you changed since 2001?

1.) How old were you?

2.) Where did you go to school?
School of Hard Knocks.

3) Where did you work?
Started the year as an independent, finished the year with a regular job.

4.) Where did you live?
Same place I live now, Georgewardsville, Indiana.

5.) Where did you hang out?
Back then? Either at home or at Bailey's in Clarksville.

6.) Did you wear glasses?

7.) Who was your best friend?
I probably hung out with my cousin Jeff more than anyone else.

8.) Haw many tattoos did you have?

9.) How many piercing did you have?

10.) What car did you drive?
1993 Dodge Intrepid, 1985 Toyota Pickup, 1985 Chevy MOnte Carlo SS.

11.) Had you been to a real party?
What a stupid question. Of course.

12.) Had You had your heart broken?
You mean by then, or during that year. If the former, then yes. If the latter, then no.

13.) Single/Taken/Married/Divorced?

14.)Any Kids?
Depends on how you count them.

-------------3 years ago----------since 2004?

1.) How old were you?

2.) Where did you go to school?
School of Hard Knocks - getting my doctorate.

3.) Where did you work?
Same real job I had in 2001.

4.) Where did you live?
Same house I've had since 1999.

5).Where did you hang out?
Rich O's.

6.) Did you wear glasses?

7.) Who were your best friend(s):
LaptopGirl, SassyGirl, MisunderstoodGirl.

8.) How many tattoos did you have?

9.) How many piercing did you have?

10) What car did you drive?
Same three as before.

11) Had your heart broken?

12.) Single/Taken/Married/Divorced:
Still divorced, somewhat taken.

13.) Any Kids?
Still depends on how you count them.


1.) How old are you?

2.) Where do you work?
Same place.

3.) Where do you live?
Same house.

4.) Do you wear glasses?
Same eyes. New glasses though.

5) Who are your close friends?

6.) Do you talk to your old friends?

7) How many piercing do you have?
Still zero.

8.) How many tattoos?
Still zero.

9.) What kind of car do you have?
Still the same three.

10.) Has your heart been broken?
Still broken from before.

Still divorced. Looking.

12.)Any Kids?
Still depends.

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