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20 questions about you and your lover

(Since I don't have a lover, I'm using the last long-term one.)

When did you guys start dating? December 2005. And she wasn't a guy, she was a girl.
How long have you been dating for? Off and on for a couple of years. Off now.
How did you meet? I wrote an entire entry about it.
Do you love him/her? Yes.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life with that person? Irrelevant.
Does he/she make you feel like you are something? She made me feel useful, more than anything else.
Does he/she make you laugh and happy? Absolutely.
Have you kissed? Ewww, kissing is gross! Duh, of course we kissed.
Do you like being with that person? I liked it very very much.
Would you cry if he had to go far away forever? No comment.
Do you like that person for looks or personality? Initially attracted to the former, became attached to the latter very quickly.
Would he/she die for you? Doubtful.
Would you die and for him/her? That's a tough one. I probably still would. The world needs people like her more than it needs people like me.
Does your lover make you smile? Absolutely.
Does he/she support you in everything you do? Not even close.
Does he/she try to be there everytime you need them? Yes.
Are you always constantly thinking about the person you love? I don't think about her too often anymore. It's moot.
Do you dream about him/her? Every now and then.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life with that person and raise a family? I thought so at one time.
Do you love her/him with all your heart and soul? With as much as I could spare. Which wasn't enough.

Seven Deadly Sins Survey

Who did you last get angry with? Myself. If I'm not allowed to say myself, then probably NotHideousGirl.
What is your weapon of choice? Stupid question.
Would you hit a member of the opposite sex? I was just a kid.
How about the same sex? Only in defense, either of myself or someone else.
Who was the last person who got really angry at you? I'm not sure. I think that TremensGirl is mad at me right now, but I may be mistaken. If not her, then probably MixedSignalGirl.
What is your pet peeve? How much time do you have?
Do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily? I tend to keep them forever.
What is one thing you're suppose to do daily that you haven't? Cleaned the litter boxes.
What is the latest you've ever woken up? That's a nonsensical question as I've worked several different shifts in my life.
Name a person you've been meaning to contact, but haven't? Gene.
What is the last lame excuse that you made? All of my excuses are decidedly unlame.
Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through? Probably. Who cares?
How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock this morning? Three.
What is your overpriced yuppie beverage of choice? I don't understand the question. Does Diet Coke count?
Are you a meat eater? Yes.
What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting/outing/event? I once had a 12-pack of Bud Light in a 12-hour period while camping.
Are you comfortable with your drinking and eating habits? Pretty much.
Do you enjoy candy and sweets? I prefer salty snacks.
Which do you prefer: sweets, salty foods or spicy foods? Whoa, I just answered this. Salty.
Have you ever looked at a small house pet or child and thought, "lunch"? That's weird. Of course not.
How many credit cards do you own? One, and it's just a debit card.
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Spend it.
Would you rather be rich or famous? Rich. Famous people have to put up with too much bullshit.
Would you accept a boring job if it meant that you would make megabucks? Probably.
What's one thing that you have done that you're most proud of? I dunno. I used to be a pretty good pool player. Probably something related to that.
What's one thing you have done that your parents are most proud of? They're gone now, but I know they were proud of me when I joined the Air Force.
What thing would you like to accomplish late in your life? Immortality.
Do you get annoyed by coming in second place? Not as long as I did my best.
Have you ever entered a contest of skill, knowing you were of much higher skill than all the other competitors? A million times.
Have you ever cheated to get a better score? Absolutely not.
What did you do today that you're proud of? I didn't murder anyone at work.
How many people have you seen naked (not counting movies, family, strippers, locker rooms)? I'm going to guess 20.
How many people have seen you naked (not counting physicians, doctors, family, locker rooms, or when you were a young child)? I'm going to guess 20 again.
Have you ever caught yourself staring at the chest/crotch of a person of your chosen sex during a normal conversation? Duh. Though I try to behave myself.
What is your favorite body part of a person of your gender choice? Even though eyes are a cliche, I really do love eyes.
Have you ever had sexual encounters (including kissing/making out) with multiple persons? You mean at the same time, or over the course of my life? Yes.
Have you ever been propositioned by a prostitute? Yes, In Las Vegas last Summer. I politely declined.
What item of your friends would you most want to have for your own? I can't really think of anything tangible. I'd like to have MusicalYuppieDude's talent at playing guitar. Does that count?
Who would you want to go on "Trading Spaces" with? My sister Dina has much better taste than me, so I'll pick her.
If you could be anyone who existed in the world, who would you be? No comment.
Have you ever been cheated on? Yes. It sucked, by the way.
Have you ever wished you had a physical feature different from your own? I'd often like to be taller.
What inborn trait do you see in others that you wish you had for yourself? Ability to carry a conversation with a group, I guess.
What deadly sin...
Do you do the most often? Sloth.
Do you do the least often? I'd say the eating one. Gluttony.
Is your favorite to act on? Lust. Duh.

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