posted by dave on Monday, July 14, 2008 at 11:09 PM in category ramblings

This was stuck at the bottom of some dick spam I got just now.

I wish I could write as eloquently as this.

She had grown up anyhow. Her brain void of all vainly tries to resolve. Imagine a short old man, towards him. He had thought that kundadhara would, like fire hidden in a well, we have, indeed, exposed the mighty armed hero, accompanied by those princes, her head was perilously near to his shoulder. One's eye is withdrawn from him, is really like food distributed at gaya's sacrifices. And they evening Henry sat alone by Rose, who had fallen and Rachel were closely associated, and they performed and learning and supported by all our warriors. Host's family with whom I had yet been able to vedic mantras become necessary for enabling persons as the travelers had supposed on seeing nearly passing his time in the nether region. Freed from.
And they evening Henry sat alone by Rose...

Just beautiful.


Something good? I can only write about it if it's totally irrelevant.

Something bad? I can't write about those things at all.

Something medium? Sure, I can write about that. As long as I make it as boring as possible.


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