posted by dave on Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 1:29 AM in category ramblings

Is that what I'm supposed to do? Just settle for the next girl who I like that likes me back?

Opportunities for true happiness are rare for me, and they're only going to get more scarce.

Am I supposed to just give up and give in? And put out?

I could make someone happy, and I could be happy myself. But should I settle for happy, knowing that the love of my life is a kiss away?

Is happy supposed to be good enough?

Doesn't the girl who unlocked my heart deserve special consideration? Incredible understanding? Extraordinary patience?

Shouldn't I wait forever?

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Stop being so melodramatic, your free to go find things that make you happy, instead you are electing to be miserable with someone that obviously doesn't care. Stop pretending they do, they obviously don't, at least not at the level you want.

I can't imagine anyway, if your honest with yourself, that almost any other situation wouldn't be far better in the long run if you actually gave it a legitimate chance.

I think the thing that people never seem to get is that I LIKE being miserable, because it's better than not caring about anyone besides myself. It's at least an emotion. But thanks for the advice. Eventually it may come to that, but not yet.

Touch'e on the liking being miserable, I enjoyed that response. I think that is still just something that you are telling yourself to make it seem harder to change than it really is. Sorry for the comments, I actually have a friend going through a similiar situation and he doesn't listen to my advice either. Sometimes I think I am probably offering advice no one really wants to hear.

Absolutely no need to apologize for any comments or advice. I don't think things are as bad as I make them seem. I can't write the entire story - like the parts of my life that are filled with happiness. So everything gets slanted into being worse than it really is. I'm not saying things are the way I want them, but things could certainly be a whole lot worse.

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