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I can't really be sure, of course. I could be wrong. It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

But we talked about it for a while last night. First time we've really discussed it at any length. I think she brought it up, or maybe she just said something that awoke the topic from its fitful slumber inside my head. Hard to say for sure why we discussed it. It just seemed necessary, I suppose. The emperor had appeared naked before us and we simply couldn't ignore it.

The thing is that we get along insanely well. I think we both agree on that. Never has a harsh word passed between us, and I can't really imagine any circumstances where that would change. Humor, temperament, intelligence, morality - all nearly identical. At least that's the way I see it, and she'd probably agree.

So we discussed it tonight while I sat at the bar glaring at my phone and she sat next to me glaring at her phone. We discussed that What if? scenario that's way too big to be encompassed by a single hypothetical. It would need something more like What if this and that and the other thing and oh yeah that one thing too and then some more things? to even come close.

But, strip away all the impediments and the question is laid bare.

What about us?

Because we would certainly try. I don't see how we could avoid trying. We get along too well to live the lies that would allow us to avoid it. Ridiculously compatible, I think I called it. We agree on that too.

The thing is, I think that we'd try, and I think that we'd eventually fail. We'd run into some of the incompatibilities that we discussed tonight, and probably some other, heretofore hidden obstacles, and eventually we'd fail. We'd have a lot of fun trying, and it would be really good for a long while, but in the end, we'd fail.

But the friendship would survive, and that's all that would really matter in the end.

We agree on that, too.

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But does she shoot pool?

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"but in the end, we'd fail." Define failure. What? You'd make a promise to love, honor and stand by each other through it all for the rest of your days, and in that you'd fail?

How? She'd need you to xyz. . .and you'd forget? refuse?

You'd need her to 123. . . and she'd forget? refuse?

So. . . . . because of the possible lapse in memory or refusal one of you would break your promise to the other to be there to the end of your time on this earth?

Define failure, or success for that matter.

I have never seen her shoot pool. It would surprise me if she did.


I just meant that, like most couples, we'd go into the thing with the best of intentions, but that eventually things wouldn't work out and we'd realize that we're better off as good friends.

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