posted by dave on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 11:21 PM in category quickies
By the way...
...nice panties. Yes, I looked. Of course I looked. That color suits you.
Well, one of them definitely loves me. That's half the battle, maybe even the most important half.
Going to Wendy's or to the haunted Burger King for dinner. I haven't decided yet, though the latter is closer, the former has better cheeseburgers.
Happy thoughts
Once upon a time, there was a cute little fuzzy kitten, and that cute little fuzzy kitten won the lottery, and then he lived happily ever-after. The end.
Much ado...
They didn't have any record at all of my supposed infraction, so I was allowed to leave unscathed. Yay!
Got my hairs cut, so I weigh 10 pounds less than I did. Also, cute fluffy kittens exist.
Far out, man!
I'm such a damn hippie. I really need to get my hairs cut today.
Maybe I'll get the death penalty at traffic court. That would solve all of my problems.
Everyone except me, apparently, deserves a chance to succeed. All I get are chances to fail.
I get to go to traffic court today.
six of one...
It's hard to tell what I hate more, whores or pop-up advertisements.
Winging it
I want to walk two miles tonight, but I don't have any two-mile routes mapped. I guess I'll just wing it.
Peas in a pod
The dipshit and I were the last two customers here. There's probably an analogy in there somewhere, but it's not worth the effort to search for it.
Sometimes good deeds are their own reward, and sometimes sweet memories come unbidden.
Forces are conspiring. Whether for me or against me, it's too soon to tell.
Berghoff Summer Solstice Wit
(draft) Hazy Yellow. Decent head. Whoa, unexpected aroma of what I'll call coriander. Flavor is kind of musty and weird. A decent beer, but just barely.
Schmaltz Coney Island Albino Python
(draft) Cloudy yellow. Huge head. Fairly clean aroma of yeasts and hops. Flavor of wheat and hops. Slightly bitter finish. Don't like it.
New Belgium Skinny Dip
(draft) Very pale yellow. No head. Extremely faint grass aroma. Faint flavor of tap water. This is some kind of joke, right?
My neck is still sore. Maybe I should have it amputated.
I need new ones. I've pretty much walked the soles off the ones I have.
This doesn't count
I'm going to be a good boy tonight, and keep my bullshit to myself.
7 days and counting
It slays me that this has become an acceptable duration.
Words to live by
"Sometimes you just gotta grab whatever she presents to you." - the snake lady on TV.
There's a hot girl convention at Sam's, disguised as a baby shower.
I thought it was a really good idea. I still think so, actually.
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