posted by dave on Friday, August 7, 2009 at 3:18 AM in category ramblings

I like that word. It fits so well with so many things in my life. I should probably change my middle name to Inordinate. I never liked Shane that much anyway. Plus, then my initials would be DIS and so maybe I'd be all hip and shit. Or is that DISS?

I think I want someone to tell me that it's okay to be pissed about the way I'm being treated. I fall so easily into anger over it, but then I always feel guilty. I spend an inordinate amount of time feeling guilty.

Tomorrow another weekend begins. I remember when weekends meant going to Rich O's and spending an inordinate amount of energy watching the door. Those were such different times back then. Hope ruled my entire life. But this weekend I probably won't go there at all. It's no longer a good idea for me to go there at night, for lots of reasons. People think there's only one reason, but people are wrong. It's not only because I'm being a baby. That's not even the main reason. Maybe I'll write an entry about this stuff, some day.

And I heard from TremensGirl that MusicalYuppieDude is having a party this weekend. I can't go to that either, even if he does get around to inviting me.

Saturday I might get to see HatGirl, if she doesn't flake on me. She's so busy all the time, I'm incredibly flattered that she thinks enough of me to pencil me in. She's one of the world's best people, and I spend an inordinate amount of time wishing that I was a better person, so that our friendship might be better justified.

In fact, she should be the one I'm in love with. That would make sense to everyone.

I don't write about work in this journal. I think that most people know that. I don't want to get dooced, after all. But I started a new job this week, and maybe that deserves mention.

There, I mentioned it.

It's after 3:00 in the morning, and I'm not really sure why I'm still awake. I spend an inordinate amount of time being awake.

I should try to go to sleep now.

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O-k-a-y THAT was a trippy link/site you sent us to!

So your uh relationship is evolving eh?

I've taken a line (thought) from your blog and applied it to my own.

There is no such thing as perfection, so the key to a sucessful relationship is surviving imperfection.

Damn you're good!

The other was posted during your Denny's b-fast buddy period. Using the expectations of social norms as a crutch to hold you up or keep you from coming unraveled. (Poor job paraphrasing, my sincere apologies) The manner in which you turn a phrase is just . . . I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE!

I hope this weekend pleasantly surprises you.

Just wanted to say that nothing is evolving. HatGirl is quite married. I don't want anyone to get any wrong ideas about us.

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