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Yet another facebook quiz. Last one for tonight, I promise.

Are you the type to hold a grudge or do you forgive easily?
Usually I'm quite forgiving, but there are certain grudges I've held for years.

Do you still think of your first love, and are they happy or sad thoughts?
I have a sad/happy cycle I go through.

Have you ever felt like you hated your children?
No. That's horrible!

If you could live anywhere you chose, where would it be? If you had to leave someone or something behind to move there, would you?
A: Las Vegas, I think. B: It would depend on what person or thing I'd have to leave.

Do you believe in reincarnation?
No, but it would be cool.

Have you ever been arrested?
Yes. Charges were later dropped.

Do you have any phobias?
I don't like spiders.

If you could kill someone and get away with it, would you?
I doubt it. I suppose it would depend on whether they deserved it or not. Few people would deserve it.

Would you give a perfect stranger a part of your body if they needed it to stay alive? ie..liver transplant..kidney..
Blood, yes. A body-part, no.

Would you take a trip to another planet?

If you become unable to care for yourself when you get old, and euthansia was an option, would you choose it?
I doubt it. I'd hope that medical technology would eventually catch up to my ailment and I could be whole again.

Is there a person in your life that you can depend on for anything and everything at all, absolutely?
I'm going to say my sister, Dina. And she'll probably cry now. Gee, thanks, facebook quiz. You made my sister cry.

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Remind me, again, why you're not vlogging these?

Because my sinuses are so clogged and swollen that my head is horribly misshapen. Plus, I forgot.

Mucinex to get the crud moving again. . . then douche your face, specifically your nose.

Not the saline SPRAY but sailine WASH. . . there's a kit with an 8oz plastic squeeze bottle, little packets of saline/baking soda to be mixed with the water. May I suggest microwaving the water for 20 sec, bringing it closer to your body temp.

Because the tube goes to the bottom of the squeeze bottle. . it dispenses while upright.

Look up Ayr products.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

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