posted by dave on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 9:03 PM in category quickies
After a regular glass of Tremens, and then a five-gallon goblet of Tremens, I've decided to cut my losses and come home. My cats are glad to see me, of course.
I was just reminded of another time. I left work and I went to her, and I grabbed her hand, and I pulled her to the mirror and I made her look, so she could see how beautiful she was. That was nice of me.
I'm too damn nice.
Pushing my luck
Going to Rich O's again, as soon as my shirt dewrinkles. I'm really craving a Delirium Tremens.
Murderous intent
My stupid phone woke me up by woohooing because some spammer sent me a "level 1" message. Now I must hunt him down and kill him.
Wake me when it's over
Going to attempt to sleep now.
I hope that McDonald's has fixed their orange juice machine. If they haven't, I hope they tell me right away instead of trying to fix it for eight years and then telling me.
Usually I know why I can't sleep. Last night was a fluke, I told myself. Until it happened again tonight. I don't know why.
I'm watching that movie now. It's kinda sad, but Kate Beckinsale is quite hot, so it evens out.
That was really nice of her. Sometimes it doesn't take much at all.
I was just reminded of the last time I bought a girl roses. That was nice of me.
I just remembered something I once said. I meant it when I said it, so I guess I shouldn't complain about it happening.
NotHideousGirl is here. Otherwise it's pretty dead.
That was really nice. I had wonderful dreams.
I need a job glaring at my phone. I have gobs of experience.
Waiting in the drive-thru at McDonald's, for 15 minutes so far, while they try to fix the orange juice dispenser. My life is so perfect.
My vision is all blurry from looking at this screen. McDonald's for breakfast sounds good. Now, where are my glasses?
What sucks about being right is having to wait for others to catch up. Time's a wastin'...
Fake HatGirls make me mad. Grrr!
Ha ha. Not.
She's got a funny way of showing it.
This dude walked over to me and asked me her name. I told him, and then he left. Then I found out that my beers for tonight are on him. That was nice of that stranger.
What a nice day it was. Now, back to reality.
Had a good time. Now I'm back home, watching Blair Witch. I might start a fire.
At the drive-in. In late October.
I just had the brilliant idea to go have a couple bottles of Marzen! Yay for Marzen!
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