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This isn't a real entry. Just a quickie, but my quickie scripts don't handle paragraphs very well. My fault, because I wrote the thing. I probably won't bother to fix it.

Anyway, I was thinking about how everyone thinks they have all the time in the world. To search for something that lets them finally stop searching.

Sometimes, those people are wrong.

I guess that's it.

Oh yeah, except that sometimes, people can't see the tree right in front of them, because they're too excited about the forest.

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Time is the thing of which we have the least. Life seems to proceed like a carpet unfurling. To a child, a summer vacation can seem an entire life. Remember as a kid, watching a movie being re-wound in class? Initially it seems barely to be moving but the closer to the end it comes the faster it's going. 40 is the point at which the reels are about the same size. That sudden realization that it's all going much faster than it used to? That's the mid-life crisis. That's when a lot of guys, myself included, realized that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a paradigm shift was an act of folly. Knowing, of course, is the easy part. The cure nearly kills you, but it sure beats the alternative.

I remember recently reading about how time drags for kids because the time period is a much bigger part of their life. Like, a year for a 10-year-old is a 10th of their life, and more like a seventh of their conscious life. I'm 45 - I'd have to use almost half a decade to have the same sense of time passing.

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