posted by dave on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 12:57 PM in category technology

This dude at work got himself a new toy. A Macbook Pro. So we're all huddled around watching him play with it.

It seems really cool. I can almost see myself drinking the Apple Kool Aid before too long. I already took a sip when I bought my iPhone, I guess taking a gulp with a Macbook wouldn't kill me. Except financially.

CartGirl says I should definitely get one. I didn't tell her who already has one.

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Mr. Siltz,
My name is Lawrence Mason and I represent Kraft Foods. Your reckless comment above, implying that my client's product, Kool-Aid, was used to murder over nine hundred people, is what we attorneys call a "slam dunk" case of libel. For the record, Kool-Aid has never been used to kill any large quantity of individuals. You are mistaking Kool-Aid with Flavor-Aid, a frankly lower quality product manufactured by Jel Sert in West Chicago, Ill.
I demand that you cease and desist from making these erroneous references. You no doubt recall our delightful character Kool-Aid man and his inimitable phrase "Oh, yeah!" Well sir, if you continue with your harmful and inaccurate statements do not be surprised if you find yourself in court uttering "Oh, no!"
For the record, I also represent Hormel foods, and can state categorically that Spam is a delicious and versatile food product of admittedly dubious origin. It is not unwanted and unsolicited email. You have been warned.

Thanks for the laugh.

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