posted by dave on Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 3:30 PM in category lasik

Saturday morning I had to drive back to the eye place for a checkup. I very seriously considered calling CornerGirl to come and drive me. I also even caught myself wishing that LaptopGirl and I were still close so she could drive me. I was in an incredible amount of pain, and my right eye was useless for seeing.

But I drove myself, and somehow I made it to the place without killing myself or anyone else. They had me sit in a chair at try to read letters on a chart. I could not read a single letter, not even the top line on the chart which consisted of just one big letter. The doctor looked at my eye and made a yuck face. Not really something you want your doctor to do. He then started trying to remove the bandage contact lens. This took about five minutes, and it was excruciating to me. The doctor said it was stuck to my eye because there was no moisture at all. I said that I'd been applying the eye drops about every five minutes for 24 hours.

Turns out that the bandage lens had prevented all moisture from reaching my eye, no matter how many times I tried to apply drops. To me, this seems like a bit of a design flaw.

So, to summarize, I'd had a flap ripped open on my eye, then I'd had a laser zap my eye, then I'd gone 24 hours without any moisture on my eye.

No fucking wonder it hurt like a motherfucker and was as red as a cherry tomato.

He finally got the bandage lens off, and there was immediate relief. He also squirted a bunch of artificial tears onto my eye, and there was even more relief. I actually began to suspect that I might live through this LASIK enhancement process.

But nooooooooooo.

He'd also put numbing drops onto my eye, and that numbness wore off by the time I got back home. And the pain and the itchiness returned with a vengeance. Every time I opened or closed my eye, it was like scratching it with a nail.

Saturday might even have been worse than Friday had been, at least at first. By Saturday evening, I was starting to detect a lessening of discomfort, and I was able to sleep for the rest of the night.

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