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Truman Hogue is the master of this shot, but his version goes in at 100 miles per hour.

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Hi , I like your Bank site, I not sure how I found your site but I did. I grew up in Chicago and was around alot of Mexican pool players that played last pocket 8-Ball.. At the time I hated it because I just wantted to run out. Sometimes I would loose, but I started banking much better and would hold the table for hours. Then I would get into 8-Ball tournaments and would sometimes play people who would be about a 3 or 4 APA Speed and I would bank every Ball and see if I could still win..

I've played a few games of 8-ball where I have to bank everything and my opponent doesn't. I haven't had much luck though unless my opponent really sucks. An APA 3 or 4 would probably win 90% of those games against me.

I tried this shot 15 times. I made on the the third try and couldn't make it again. Three times the cb got in the way or I may have made it. Interesting shot. I'll keep trying it.

This shot just makes me sick when it goes in. It really doesn't look possible to me.

Just wondering, do you have to shoot this shot with left english?

I don't know if it's mandatory for the shot. I use left english though.

I can't even get the object ball to go towards the pocket. May I know what's the logic behind the shot?

The object ball path is fairly standard. Move the cueball away from the rail a little more and shoot the same shot. The object ball gets a little bit of spin transferred to it, and that's why it banks toward the pocket instead of, say, toward the middle of the head rail. The hardest part of this shot, for me anyway, is getting the cue ball to lie down out of the way.

Thanks for the info! I'll keep trying XD

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