posted by dave on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 at 10:19 PM in category entertainment

Two things I want to point out right away. Simon, the "rude" judge, at least lets the other judges fully complete their comments. Randy and Paula, at the first hint of any negative criticism, immediately start booing with the crowd and arguing with Simon's assesments.

Second, the girl singing in the Coke commercial is possibly good enough to win this competition.

Okay, here we go. My scores for this week's performances:

Diana: I just love that song, and it was the perfect song for her. That last note was awesome. (80 points)

George: He sings well, but that voice! I guess it must sound different in person, because I cannot understand the judges' (especially Paula's) adoration of George's voice. (50 points)

Fantasia: I'd have to say that country is not her style. Even bad she sings pretty well though. She strikes me as someone that thinks she deserves to win, and the competition is simply a formality. If she doesn't win I expect her to call race discrimination. (60 points)

John: Sucks. Maybe he could sing jingles for a living. (20 points)

Camille: Tonight I tried an experiment. I imagined that the "nervousness" in Camille's voice was actually her unique style. Under that light she sounded pretty good. I hate hate hate her song choice, but Camille is the only one that made me look up at the TV during the recaps. (65 points)

Jennifer: When she starts using that artifically low voice of hers it makes me cringe. (30 points)

JPL: When he takes away the goofiness it turns out that he can't sing very well. (40 points)

Jasmine: Her voice seemed weak compared to the backup arrangement. Nice to know she's human though. Even on a bad night she's better than most. (70 points)

Matt: Wow, what a surprise. He did a hell of a good job with a pretty safe song. Unlike JPL, when Matt loses the theatrics he actually CAN sing. One of the best tonight. (80 points)

LaToya: There should be a law that black women cannot sing Garth Brooks songs. Despite the horrible song choice she was, however, technically flawless. (65 points)

Amy: Wow. She has the best voice in other genres. Now it turns out that she has the best country voice as well, plus she's the best country singer. I agree with Paula. She could release a country CD tomorrow and be a star. (85 points)

I really think it's time for John or JPL to go home, but unfortunately I think their fan bases are too large. I expect Jennifer to leave this week, and that's okay.

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