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With my roof work completed, my painting work nearly completed, and my hallway painting done, I've been thinking about all the other shit I'd like to get done this summer. What will probably actually happen is that I'll do a couple of these things then this JoeHomeowner side of my personality will get tired and leave.

1. Paint foyer. I've already got the paint and the primer, I just need to get off my ass and do it.

2. Landscaping. This will be a huge job if I end up doing what I'm envisioning now.

3. Foyer and Kitchen floors. This is kind of on hold because I need to check out some walls to see if they're load-bearing or not.

4. Kitchen/Dining room paint. I've got to get that hideous wallpaper and paneling down and I need to do it whether number #3 above gets done or not.

5. Replace carpet. This will not get done as I've blown the carpeting budget on important things like my new 65" television.

6. Driveway repair and extension. I've got an estimate of $2300 for getting this done. I haven't decided yet.

7. Bathroom merger. I'd really like to merge two adjacent bathrooms into a single large room, but this project will also involve knocking out a wall and I'm pretty paranoid about that. It would also cost a lot to get new fixtures and shit.

8. Garage work area. All this stuff I've done in the garage lately, along with all the new tools I've bought, has got me to thinking about extending the workbench into a full-fledged woodshop. At least that I could do with cheap materials, a little at a time.

9. More painting. My living room, bedroom, guest room, and the entire basement are currently the worst and/or most boring colors ever put to roller. I need to do something about it, but I don't know what just yet.

10. My guest bathroom. The world's worst wallpaper adorns this small room. I must do something about it, but I've been putting it off because I'd also like to have the toilet moved and put in a shower. Once this is done I can seriously think about item #7 above.

11. More kitchen shit. The cabinets and especially the countertops shout 1980s. The look of the kitchen and dining area needs to be updated. An expensive proposition though.

12. Stonework repairs. I've tried several times to get somebody to the house to give me an estimate on repairing some loose stones. I think I'll have to figure it out for myself.

13. Do something about the deck. My old deck is really clashing with the newly-patined house. I need to clean it then either paint or stain it. There are also some boards that could use replacement.

14. Replace skylight trim that I tore out when I painted the openings.

15. Do something about the leaning basketball goal.

16. Tear down the playhouse. Or maybe just get somebody to come and take it away.

17. Massive cleanup. I have enough empty boxes to build a hobo jungle. Instead I should rent a dumpster and get rid of them along with the broken appliances and the world's ugliest loveseat that I've been keeping around for some stupid reason.

18. Replace the ugly lighting. Each ceiling fixture in my house is competing with all the other fixtures for the title of Ugliest Thing in the Universe. So far the monstrousity in the dining room is the odds-on favorite, but the beast in the foyer isn't far behind, and the flowered shade in the bedroom can't be ignored just because it's out of the public eye.

19. Fix the gutters. Some of them don't slope enough, and there are some seams that are leaking.

20. Move the outside heat pump. This is too close to the house. In the winter dripping water (see #19 above) causes ice to build up and jam the unit's fan.

21. Fix or cover up the demolition work I did in the basement when I got my pool table.

22. A very long-term project. I'd like to put a nice bar area in the basement.

23. A front porch would be nice as long as I'm thinking big.

I'm sure there's more, but this list is already long enough to keep me busy for the next 273 years.

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