posted by dave on Saturday, May 7, 2005 at 9:44 AM in category drink

I bet some people would have a hard time cramming two day's worth of stuff into a 'blog entry.

For me it's easy: slept, worked, drank, watched TV, repeat.

You want more information? Fine.

On Thursday I was sitting at home waiting for Survivor to get tivoed when I realized that I only had a half-day of work Friday. This meant that I could risk going out to Rich O's for a bit, so that's what I did.

I had myself some Newcastles and sat in the living room area listening to these people around me argue about Star Wars and The Lord of the Ring trilogy. It was kind of nice to know for sure that I was by far the coolest person in that area of the bar. I usually suspect that it's the case but the geek squad there provided definite proof.

Oh yeah, I also apologized to ExBartender for doubting his ability to keep his mouth shut about things discussed last weekend. My estimation of him has certainly gone up a notch.

Friday night Rich O's was a lot more crowded, but there was a place next to this cute girl on the loveseat so I sat there and waited for her to stand up so I could check her out.

My first beer last night was a Fantome Saison. I've had this before and liked it. It tasted a lot more sour than I remember, but in a good way, so I had another.

It's been a while since I've actually had anything new to drink. For my next beer I had one of these:

Founders Red Rye

(draft) The first sip of this was just disgusting, but I vowed to drink a couple of inches to give it a fair test. At about halfway through the pint I decide I sorta liked it. By the end of the pint I wanted another one. An odd-tasting beer that just grew on me. Not sure I can describe the taste.

Once CuteGirl and her posse left (waiting for her to stand was worth the wait) PorterBob and some other PBDs whose names I don't know came and sat with me. We talked about various fluff, interrupted by the occasional head turns while WorldsHottestGirl or DooRagGirl would walk by.

WorldsHottestGirl is actually becoming a bit of a regular at Rich O's. I hope the air conditioning is in good working order or it may be a long hot Summer in there.

My last beer of the night was a Newcastle.

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