posted by dave on Wednesday, July 13, 2005 at 9:40 PM in category daily

So I'm a little annoyed today with the female species. Actually, not the entire species, just a few subspecies. Namely flirticus vaginus and exus girlfriendus and sluttus major.

As long as I'm playing with lists today, here's one directed at these women:

  • No means no.
  • Breakup sex is supposed to be just that, not an ongoing justification.
  • Don't say it if you're not going to back it up. I remember everything you say.
  • Sometimes it's just not convenient to play your little games. Especially when I know I can never win that prize.
  • My mood is not always about you. You can, however, make it about you if you whine enough.
  • Put up or shut up.
  • You have always known exactly how I felt. Hell, you knew it before I did most of the time. Don't try this guilt trip shit with me.
  • If I'm ignored long enough, I will stop trying. You're not allowed to get mad when that happens.
  • Yeah, right. Like that's going to work.
  • Try looking in a mirror sometime.
  • Cover that shit up. Nobody wants to see it.

Besides the annoyance, I'm a little bored today. Waiting for that new Rock Star: INXS show to get tivoed so I can rock out for a while.

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