posted by dave on Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 12:31 AM in category drink

Tonight was a blessed relief, especially compared to the last few Fridays.

I arrived at Rich O's a little before 9:00 and, get this, I got a fucking parking spot in the fucking main lot!

This was a huge deal to me. I didn't have to park at Kroger. I didn't have to park at the employment services agency. I didn't even have to park at the catering place. I parked right in the Rich O's parking lot. For probably the first time on a Friday night, since the year 345,555 B.C.

I parked in the main lot, just like a regular person.

So I went in, and I did my usual hot girl inventory.


Next, the asshole inventory.

That FuckingAssholeThatIHate was sitting on the sofa. Other than that, it seemed safe. It seemed good, in fact.

Finally, the friend inventory.

Nada to get excited about. MusicalHippyDude was sitting at the island, with his usual posse of PBDs, and WomanRepellant was sitting at the bar.

I sat at the bar, next to WomanRepellant. He was in a shitty mood, as usual. This time it was because he'd been beerless for like 10 minutes. He became convinced that all of the bartenders hated him, and he left after muttering, "Fuck this place. This place sucks."

He'll probably be back tomorrow. WomanRepellant has a very low threshold for thirst, but an even lower grudge-holding capacity.

I had, of course, looked at the beer board when I first went in. I hadn't seen anything interesting, so I ordered an NABC Old Lightning Rod. The bartender mentioned to me that the long-awaited blueberry stout was on tap. I hadn't seen it on the board, but I had definitely been waiting for it, so I had one:

Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout (20)

(draft) A stout, not just an ale, which was news to me. I didn't get much of an aroma from this, and the blueberry flavor was more subtle that I was expecting. The blueberries showed up mostly in the finish, which had absolutely no trace of bitterness. The undertones were mostly roasted malt, and the flavor slanted a tad more towards coffee than chocolate. A very good beer, worth the wait.
I sat at the bar all night, even though that fucking shithead that made LaptopGirl cry left fairly early, so I could have moved over to the sofa. I was enjoying the privacy that's been to hard to come by on recent Fridays. I did send a text message to HatGirl telling her about the Blueberry Stout (I got no response), but that was pretty much the extent of my social interactions.

It was nice.

I had a second blueberry stout (40), and I began to wonder about the ABV in the thing. It seemed to be fairly strong, at least by the way it was affecting me.

I've since checked it out on the Internet and I see that it's a whopping 4.5% ABV. So I am a pussy, apparently, because I stopped after that second pint.

So I left Rich O's a little after 11:00, and I went over to this Mac's place that I don't like. MisunderstoodGirl supposedly hangs out there, but she wasn't there tonight, so I left without drinking anything.

Then I came home.

Tonight, though boring on the surface, was pretty much exactly what I needed. I'm pretty sure that I'm not fit for human company right now, so tonight was, as I said earlier, a blessed relief.

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