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(Part two)

Up to this point, we'd all still been sitting in the red room, but maintaining watchful eyes for any other seats to open up. I still didn't know who was going to show up, and the red room - even with both tables - will hold about ten people and that's it.

Once a couple of strangers (ha ha, take that, FutureDude!) left the island we moved there and took advantage of the more compact grouping to bullshit about various fluff.

I showed everyone my new rock.

My next beer was a yummy Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (510), which has I guess switched to twelve-ounce bottles for now. I actually had two more of these (534).

At one point my friend Eric came in. I hadn't seen him in like a million years. His wife had to stay home with a sick child, so Eric ended up completing the attendee list. So, to review:

  1. My lovely self

  2. SpoonsGirl

  3. SpoonsGirl's husband SirTalksALot

  4. My sister Dina

  5. Dina's Fiance Kenny

  6. My oldest friend Eric
And, lurking in the background:
  1. MusicalHippyDude

  2. GlassesGirl

  3. HotRedHead

  4. This other hot girl that turned out to have the worst taste in ex-husbands I've ever seen
Missing in action:
  1. HatGirl

  2. LuckyFucker

  3. SassyGirl

  4. SassyBoy

  5. TacoBell

  6. SpikeBoy

  7. My cousin Jeff

  8. DooRagGirl
Except for DooRagGirl and Jeff, everyone else had already told me that they probably wouldn't make it.

Eventually, as nights tend to do, this one wound down. Eventually it was just me and Eric. I had myself a half-pint of Guinness (1092). We were joined, at various intervals, by NoNicknameDude and ElPresidente and FirstLady, though they were there for their own reasons - not for my pre-birthday thingy.

Several people wanted to go over to Jack's once Rich O's closed. Eric was one of those people, and because it's so rare to see Eric anymore I agreed to go as long as nobody tried to force me to drink shots.

(SCRIBBLERESQUE PARENTHETICAL THOUGHT: There's still only one person one Earth that I'll do shots for, and her name is Holly, and she wasn't there last night. I miss Holly.)

So Eric and I and NoNicknameDude and HotRedHead all went over to Jack's. I had a couple of Diet Cokes, and we played a few games of pool. We ended up closing the place down. I'd planned on going to White Castle but the temperature was in the single digits so I came straight home instead.

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