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Friday morning I emailed RockGirl that I was going to let fear keep me from going to Rich O's on Friday night. Not my proudest moment, but there it was anyway.

Friday afternoon I emailed HatGirl that I was feeling exposed, and that I wouldn't be at Rich O's on Friday night.

On Friday night, I went to Rich O's.

I arrived quite late - after 10:00 - because I really had planned on just staying home. But my cat Buddy got into a fight with the blinds in the guest room where I was sleeping and that woke my ass up.

When I pulled in behind the place to park there was a storm rolling in, so instead of going around front I just snuck in the back door. None of the bartenders even saw me. I'm sure that some Hollywood people will be calling me about becoming the next James Bond.

Let's see. the place was about half full. A bunch of strangers were in the living room area, and a bunch more were in the red room. ExoticGirl and a couple more chicks were sitting at the bar...

I've had a problem for the past several weeks. I seem to be unable to recognize DooRagGirl with her new haircut. She was sitting right there next to ExoticGirl and I didn't even recognize her until she turned around and even then she had to pretty much smack me in the head.

I think she should start wearing a long wig to Rich O's. She can cut a couple of inches off the wig every week. That way it will be a gradual enough change that I may be able to keep up. I'm sure that this wouldn't be too much trouble for her.

Also sitting next to DooRagGirl was her sister OddlyFamiliarGirl who I guess thinks that I'm mad at her because I didn't talk to her last week. It wasn't that at all, I was pissed at the person she was sitting with, not at her. But whatever, OddlyFamiliarGirl didn't even turn around.

Anyway, one of the PBDs already had taken the spot at the end of the bar, so instead of standing there and talking with the ladies I moved over and sat at the island for a while.

My first beer was one of these:

Bell's Rye Stout (10)

(draft) I found this to be a basic stout with a slight chocolate flavor and a touch of rye bitterness at the finish. I liked it a lot, and I will probably go try to find it in bottles.
That was really good, but I wanted to try another new beer. So I did:

JW Lees Manchester Star Porter (10)

(draft) Smelled like snot, but that might have been because I was developing a cold. Served too warm for my tastes, and I almost never say that. A very creamy and smooth chocolatey porter. It contains more alcohol than I'd have guessed. I'd like to try this again once they get the cooler fixed.
Sometime during the time when I was enjoying my second beer, the girls all left the bar, and I moved over there. DooRagGirl waved at me but OddlyFamiliarGirl just stomped out.

While at the bar, I had myself a couple Guinnii (1237) and talked with the bartenders and the PBD that had been there all along. Then I came home a little after 12:00.

Oh, shit! I almost forgot again. The other day I went to Rich O's after work and tried one of these:

Upland Castle Rock Irish Red Ale (20)

(draft) My first impression was that this beer was simply a relabeled Smithwick's. After a bit, however, I did begin to notice a slight hint of bitterness. More like a hint of a hint actually. Smithwick's is better.

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