posted by dave on Sunday, April 16, 2006 at 2:34 PM in category drink

I'm writing this Saturday morning. This will test my memory.

I guess a lot of people must get Good Friday off work, because Rich O's was looking more like a Friday than a Thursday. The place was packed with strangers. I ended up sitting on the loveseat drinking a couple BBC Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stouts (144) for the first hour or so. There were some idiots sitting on the sofa and the throne. I didn't talk to them because they were idiots and I didn't want to be associated with them.

I was quite bored. I tried, for about the millionth time, to call SassyGirl. It went straight to voicemail. Again.

After a long time, some strangers all got up from the island and left, So I bolted over there. For about .0003 seconds I had the island to myself. CoffeeDude ruined that by sitting across from me and attempting to start a conversation. A conversation which I quickly squelched by grunting a lot. For about 2 minutes CoffeeDude and I had the island to ourselves. But then about 8000 PBDs came in. They'd been having a brew club meeting out front and as soon as that was over they stampeded into Rich O's proper because people don't like to sit out front - it's cold and impersonal out there.

So for a while I was pretty irritated, mostly because this one PDB lady kept fanning herself with a menu and the menu kept smacking me in the ear. Right at about the time I was trying to decide between (a) moving elsewhere and (b) murdering the PBD lady, two cool things happened.

First, the PBD lady left and went to go assault somebody else.

Second, DooRagGirl came in and sat beside me.

A bonus cool thing was that I recognized her right away - first time that's happened since she got her hair cut.

So the rest of the night was pretty good. The crowd there at the island dwindled to a reasonable number, and we all sat around bullshitting.

I had myself a Weihenstephaner (850).

I think that just about the only other thing of note was that HotEuchreGirl was there and one of the PBDs that I was sitting with decided that he was going to help me pick HotEuchreGirl up. There were several things wrong with this plan, not the least of which was that her boyfriend was already standing right there talking to us.

Not cool, dude.

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