posted by dave on Friday, May 5, 2006 at 6:32 PM in category drink

With last night being virtual Friday and all, I of course went out.

When I got to Rich O's I was feeling slightly sociable, so I took my Founder's Red Rye (120) and went and sat in the throne.

This was a mistake, as evidenced by the fact that two chicks I never saw before immediately decided to talk to me.

Luckily, this one dude came and sat on the sofa and talked to the chicks so I wouldn't have to.

Unluckily, the dude wouldn't shut up, and I decided that I couldn't stand it the sound of his voice any longer. So, as soon as some PBDs left the bar I picked up my shit and went and sat there.

After that, not very much happened for a long time. That's the way I like it.

At about the time I ordered my second beer, a yummy Upland Winter Warmer (200), a bunch of foreign people came in. If I had to guess I'd say Ireland, but that's mainly because one of them was wearing a Guinness shirt and another one was a leprechaun.

Oh yeah, at one point some dude came out from the kitchen and started calling me sir and stammering out a greeting. By the time he managed to ask me my name, I'd figured that he might be the elusive ArtistGuy that's supposed to talk to me about DaveFest t-shirts.

But, when I told him my name was Dave, he said, "Sorry, I thought you were someone else."

So apparently the guy a had a blind date lined up for after work. Not my problem.

I ended the evening by drinking a half-pint of Smithwick's (736) while I talked with some dude that looked like Grizzly Adams but clean-shaven.

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As one of the "not seen before chicks," I'll have to say I've been seen before but not noticed. And I didn't talk to you due to your general longing-for-solitude aura. Next time I'll just silently sneer, Mr. Throne man.

Kate: To paraphrase Twain, I figured it would be better to move, and seem like an unsociable grouch, that to remain where I was, and remove all doubt.

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