posted by dave on Sunday, October 8, 2006 at 8:19 PM in category drink

In this entry I will, once again, try to be funny in such a way that only one person on Earth will get the joke. But that's okay, because she's the most important person.

But first thing first. After work this week, on two occasions, I had this beer:

Regenboog Guido (20)

(draft) Very good. Cloudy brown color, little head to speak of. Taste of apples that have almost gone sour. There were a couple of other, more subtle flavors. Maybe raisins and honey. I wanted more right away.

Last night I got to Rich O's fairly late for me - about 9:30 or so. Before I'd even left my truck I could tell that something special was happening. It was like a tingle that went down my spine. Except it wasn't my spine.

The place was full of hot girls!

By Rich O's standards, anyway. There were at least a half-dozen of girls in various states of hotness scattered around. One in particular, with dreadlocked hair, really got my attention when our eyes met as I walked in. She smiled at me from her seat at the island, and I ended up walking kinda funny to the bar.

My first beer of the night was one of these:

t Smisje Blond (10)

(draft) Cloudy dark urine in appearance. No head to speak of. A very citrusy aroma, but the flavor was quite similar to a German wheat except for the thinner mouthfeel. A decent beer.
After a few minutes the strangers at the other end of the bar left so I slid down there and sent some come hither glances in RastaGirl's direction, but all she would do in response was give me a little smile. So maybe she's shy. Yeah, that must be it.

My second beer was one of these:

Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale (10)

(draft) Clear bronze. A thin tan head that faded quickly and left nice lacing behind. Besides the unusual (for me) pumpkin flavor, there was a strange bitterness that came and went before the finish. Once my tastebuds had become numb to the bitterness this was a pretty good beer.
For the better part of an hour I just sat at the bar with the ghost and drank my beer. Then some fuckers left the living room so I moved over to the throne.

Right after I sat down another hot girl came in with some gay guy and they sat in the loveseat. I didn't talk to them though because by that time I was in a bit of a mood.

My next beer was one of the aforementioned Guido beers (30).

I spent a lot of my time on the throne trading text messages with RockGirl. LonerBoy came in and sat with me for a while but we didn't talk much.

Then RockGirl told me to grow a pair, so I did, and I went home.

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