posted by dave on Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 10:01 AM in category drink

The place was pretty damn busy last night. I ordered myself a Rogue Chocolate Stout (1152) and stood at the end of the bar until a spot opened up on the sofa next to some strangers. I did try to talk to them a little, but my head just wasn't in it, so as soon as TallLady moved from the bar I moved up there and took her old seat.

I texted RockGirl that they seemed to be having a S.I.G.H. convention at Rich O's, but that I didn't really care. The members who I'd been hoping to see weren't there.

Then this dude who looks like my cousin Robbie came up and started yakking at me. Wanting me to go to this Mac's place that I don't like. I told him that I was doing perfectly fine where I was. "But there are girls at Mac's!" he protested. "Big fucking deal," I responded.

Then the throne opened up so I moved there.

I texted HatGirl to see if she was coming. She responded that she wasn't, so that sucked. But at least she did respond. That seems to be an impossible feat for some people these days.

Let's see, at about the time WomanRepellant came in, I ordered another Rogue (1172).

I sat and nursed my beer and talked with WomanRepellant and a couple who had been in Wednesday night. The whole time my mood got worse and worse.

So I left Rich O's at about 10:30, and went to try to find VigilanteGirl.

Yes, I was in that much of a mood.

But she wasn't at the place I went, so I just had myself a Newcastle (2738) and listened to some karaoke and then came home.

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