posted by dave on Monday, December 18, 2006 at 5:52 PM in category daily

So today I had to go over to our main campus to work for a while. This is relevant for a couple of reasons.

Reason the first, the "building" I was working in is actually a merging of three buildings. The floors don't quite match up, and neither do the structural supports. So there are lots of little stairways and twisty halls in the places where the buildings connect.

Reason the second, it's the main headquarters of a multi-national corporation. So there are people there. Important people.

Anyway, I'd finally finished up the work that had required my presence there, and I was making my way back to the exit. Specifically, I was making my way between two of these old buildings. Through a little twisty hallway with stairs in it.

I wasn't really running but neither do I fuck around when I walk. So I was moving pretty quickly.

As I rounded a corner, and went down some stairs, I gave very close to having a head-on collision with a man who was coming in the other direction. He, apparently, does not fuck around when he walks either.

We came within a few inches of killing each other.

No big loss, you might say.

And, in my case you'd be correct. But the man that I almost killed was the fucking CEO. Of the entire corporation. Where I work.

I bet he'd have been really embarrassed if he was killed by a peon like me. I bet I'd have gotten a posthumous promotion to Senior Vice President or something, just so it would look better in the newspaper.

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