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I'll go ahead and put a disclaimer at the beginning of this entry. Some people will believe it, and some people won't. Probably most people won't. But it's still true.

This entry is not relevant to my life as it currently is. Any resemblance to anything in my current life is purely coincidental.
Fat lot of good that'll do me, I'm sure.


We're doing this all wrong. Most of us have always been doing this all wrong. This whole romance and seduction thing, I mean.

One of the greatest lies ever told, and one of the most common lies ever told, is, "I don't want to ruin our friendship."

Why, I have to wonder, why are our friends less suitable for romance and seduction than random strangers and casual acquaintances? Physical attraction issues aside, I mean.

Clearly, they're not less suitable.

Sex is the easy part. Actually getting along with another person is the hard part.

We're doing this all wrong.

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No need to shout. I'm not that old. Yet.

Sorry...damn kids with their obsession with the capslock key. Almost as bad as their obsession with using the keyboard feet. And turning the volume way up so when Mom turns on music it gives me a heart attack. I wish people would realize this is MY computer and keep their darn hands off of it. Anyway, without shouting...I agree wholeheartedly. Friendship is the most crucial part of a relationship. If the friendship isn't there, then nothing else is true.

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