posted by dave on Monday, December 31, 2007 at 1:55 AM in category ramblings

I was in such a dangerous mood tonight. A stupid mood.

But now, now it's later. I'm more sober than I was back then, at like 10:00 PM.

Sometimes I lose sight of this one particular very important fact. The most important fact.

At times like that, times like 10:00 PM tonight, I can sometimes feel that fact slipping away. And all I can do is get a tight grip on it, and hope that my grip is strong enough. So that, while I might forget from time to time, the truth will always be there with me, in case I need it.

And I pretty much always need it.

I think I got lucky tonight. I loosened my grip, and the truth fell into my lap.

I'm real. She's real. It's real. This is not some game, or some movie drama, or some story told to little girls while they sit wide-eyed and imagine the stories that might be told about them someday, maybe, if they're lucky.


I think that this could all be boiled down to a couple of simple questions. One from each of us. With a corresponding answer from each of us.

My answer is, "Yes."

Everyone knows my answer. It's no surprise to anyone. The only surprise may be that I've waited so long for the question to be asked. The only surprise may be that I'm still waiting, my answer pressed against my lips, ready to burst forth at the proper moment.

It will be explosive, I think, when I give my answer.

It may be my dying word. I certainly hope not, but I'm ready, just in case.

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I enjoy your writings, and if you haven't read works by haruki murakami, I would recommend you to try him. You can probably start with the wind-up bird chronicle or the hardboiled wonderland and the end of the world. I hope you will get the answer you are looking for either from her or from within. I was also feeling lost in life and the lack of meaning and direction. But then I realized that it would be silly to look for certainty in life unless of course you are religious. Well I guess there is one certainty in life which is death and its probably a concept that you are fairly familiar with since you contemplate it awfully alot. But its just a period or ?,! etc; and it really depends on you to actually write the sentence.

Thanks. I never heard of that guy, but that's not saying much since he probably doesn't write science fiction.

About 99% of all of my references to death are metaphorical. This one wasn't. It was hypothetical. I'm not obsessed, about death.

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